Sotac Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Unit-I)

Non-beta Lactam Unit

Our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility is at Sanand GIDC-II, Ahmedabad district, which offers easy and convenient accessibility. The infrastructure will consist of comprehensive production unit, quality control department, microbiological laboratory, raw material and finished product storage. As a trustworthy and responsible pharmaceutical company, we would have made it a point to create a trustworthy brand, where our customers always associate us with innovation, quality, reliability, sustainability and excellent customer service.


Infrastructure Detail


Manufacturing Facility (PLANT-I)

WHO GMP approved manufacturing facility for Non-Beta Lactam products (Tablet, Capsule, Oral Liquid & External Preparations)
Dosage Form Installed Capacity Capacity can Expand up to
Tablets 30 Cr. tablets / month 45 Cr. tablets / month
Capsules 2.7 Cr. capsules / month 5 Cr. capsules / month
Oral Liquids 30 Lakhs bottles / month NA
External Preparations 9 Lakhs tubes / month NA
Sotac Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Annual Capacity (Based on Dosage Form)
Sr. No. Dosage Form AY 2020 AY 2021 AY 2022 Current Remarks
1 Tablets (in CR.) 90 135 180 360 For AY 2021 – New Compression 45 stn D tooling added
For AY 2022 – New Compression 51 stn D tooling added
For Currrent – New Granulation line and Compression added”
2 Capsule (in CR.) 16 25 32.4 32.4 For AY 2021 – New Automation Capsule Filling Machine added
3 External Preparation / Ointment (in Tons) 324 324 324 324
4 Oral Liquid / Syrup (in KLit.) 2160 2160 2160 2160
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