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Sotac Group is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in India that specializes in manufacturing of a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The organization is committed to provide a good quality products at affordable cost to a large number of healthcare professionals. It would be our endeavour to be one of the country’s leading manufacturer in contract manufacturing and development services provider in International and Domestic market.

As our goal is to become one of the leading manufacturers in India, we cater to a wide spectrum of needs that may pertain to formulation development, clinical batch production, commercial scale productions as well as packaging. We intend to be the ideal partner for our clients and our aim is to deliver a diverse array of quality pharmaceutical drugs to them.

Domestic Presence

Sotac manufactured Products has extensive market coverage.
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International Presence

A highly experienced regulatory team specialize in this operation.

Our Therapeutic Coverage

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Wide range of ACTD/CTD dossiers & Documentaion

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